Improving the quality of your
life through better healthcare solutions

At Meliora we aim to develop a portfolio of new technologies and tools from innovative start-ups with a focus on digital healthcare solutions. We are investing in innovative ideas to spearhead disruptive technology in the senior care industry and beyond.


The long-term goal of Meliora is to provide seniors and their caregivers with the necessary tools required to live a healthy and enriched life. Whether seniors take an aging-in-place approach or live in a senior living community, our goal is to develop a myriad of solutions that can help them and their caretakers.


The primary focus of Meliora is to create multiple digital channels that give seniors the accessibility and freedom to continue living independently at home with the help of digital healthcare services.


Meliora has brought together experienced professionals and innovative entrepreneurs from the healthcare and tech industries to redefine digital health services to the senior healthcare industry.

Smart Surveillance using Human Action Recognition Technology

Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease using Artificial Intelligence

Memory Strengthening Games for Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention and Management

Quality of Life Assessments, Profiling and Care Planning Application

Alexa Skills for Care Home Specific Actions